Season One

  • 004. Megan Carter of LaVntg

    Megan Carter, @_bellemeg, is the creative powerhouse behind the 360 fashion brand LaVntg. In this episode, Megan and Sal discuss fashion from "back in the day," being an interdisciplinary fashion artist, and developing a strong sense of style. For more on Megan and her fashion journey, follow on Instagram: @lavntg

  • 003. Google Us, Maybe?

    If you had two hours to shop for a celebrity party, where would you shop? What's your go-to Starbucks order? When did you fall in love with fashion? Hosts Sal and Anthony answer these and many more questions in this hilarious interview episode of Authorized Style.

  • 002. On Filmmaking w/ Laura Gordon

    Laura Gordon, aka @logordon_ on Instagram, is a brilliant filmmaker whose artistry spreads across multiple mediums.  As a production designer, director, costume designer, and wardrobe stylist, Laura's lent her quirky eye to some of the most stunning projects in contemporary pop culture, like "Sticky" by Ravyn Lenae. For more information on Laura Gordon and her work, visit 

  • Laura Gordon Front And Center

    An editorial with usually behind the camera filmmaker, Laura Gordon.

  • 001. Unpacking Camp

    What is camp fashion? In this episode, hosts Sal and Anthony unpack the eccentric aesthetic and reflect on NYFW SS '21.

  • “Notes” On Camp

    Visuals for Episode One.

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